JoAnna Carey

Meet The Author: JoAnna Carey

 JoAnna Carey, is an energetic entrepreneur  who believes that we sometimes launch our greatest achievements by relaxing into where we are and plotting a course through the maze of the future.  JoAnna’s presentation style is fun and flexible.  Her inspirational message is delivered with charisma, wit and stories of triumph.  Experience down-to-earth, practical advice that can immediately help you get more of what you want in return for running the rat race. 

-Excerpt from Rat Race Relaxer: Your Potential & The Maze of Life.

 Rat Race Relaxer offers 52 simple, actionable keys -one for every week of the year-
to help you discover new meaning in your current job, expose unhealthy levels of stress or show you a path to a whole new journey. 

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